The history of the Olmo Group is the expression of the brilliance and foresight of its founder Giuseppe Olmo, renowned racing cyclist of the 30s.


Determined to achieve his goals both as an athlete and as entrepreneur, in 1939 he founded Olmo Cicli, a historic bicycle factory, in Celle Ligure (Savona). In the following years until 1970, his enterprising spirit led to the opening of a series of companies which today boast consolidated leadership positions in various sectors and forms an enormous industrial organisation: the Olmo Group.


Today, just like in the past, the Olmo Group is driven by passion and willpower.

The stability of the organisation and its success are owed to the synergy of several elements: entrepreneurial intelligence, advanced production technologies, research of innovative products, controlled and certified quality, respect for and confidence in employees as well as respect for the environment.


The Olmo Group,

the most beautiful race

The Olmo Group includes the best industrial entities specialised in the production of foam polyurethane, and is an important example of the most advanced and dynamic Italian enterprise, attentive to global quality.

The group has been active in the polyurethane business since as early as 1955 when foams were first used in furnishings.

The Olmo Group immediately demonstrated a skill for understanding and exploiting the potential of new material through the use of advanced production technologies.

The Olmo Group companies are steadfastly committed to protecting the environment by avoiding the use of substances or gases that are harmful to the environment and people. Their quality is testified by product and system certificates on a European level.

Foam polyurethane

in all its forms




Bicycles since 1939

The Olmo company has been a synonym of reliability and excellence for decades, consistently committed to designing and improving its products for the purpose of achieving increasingly higher quality standards.

Olmo offers a comprehensive selection of bicycles for a wide range of customers with its three large production lines: racing, mountain bike and city bicycles.

Each category includes a wide range of models with specific selection of the best frames and top-performance materials.

Olmo Bicycles boast an Italian design, high-quality and advanced technology, thus perfectly portraying the brand image.

An undisputed leader in the global bicycle industry, Olmo has managed to skilfully combine respect for tradition and technological innovation over the years, keeping the distinctive characteristics of the product intact, the result of an entirely Italian design.

Currently Olmo is involved in an intense communication campaign aimed at strengthening the brand image throughout the world thanks to a restructuring of its website and to a strong presence on the major social networks.



territory and tourism

In Valsassina, the Bobbio Plains, Artavaggio, the Erna Plains and the Betulle Plain, as well as Valtorta and Piazzatorre in Val Brembana on the Bergamo slopes are all combined in a single ski resort. It is the closest resort to Milan and other major cities of the Lombardy region where you can enjoy your favourite winter sport an relax during the summer, surrounded...

The Artimino estate is 732 hectares nestled in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, just 24 km from Florence.

The estate holds seductive wonders such as the famous Medici villa "La Ferdinanda" that became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013; a charming four-star hotel "Paggeria Medicea", with a vast garden...

territory and tourism


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