S.I.P. Sud Italia Poliuretani plant is located a few kilometres from MATERA.

They are specialised in the production of flexible foam polyurethane based on a continuous polyether and they manufacture blocks, plates and rolls.

The basic technology used is the ONE SHOT system, fine tuned in the USA, along with the HENNECKE QFM high pressure production plant with CO2, MDT and TDI technology.

The laboratory is equipped with devices to control the material manufactured and material purchased from third parties. It is able to perform tests related to compressive strength and sinking resistance, elasticity, permanent deformation, dynamic and static fatigue, extension, tensile strength and reaction to fire in accordance with Italian and international regulations.

The laboratory is also used for research and basic development purposes.


Contrada Monacelle - 75100 Matera (MT)

tel. 0835 307978

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